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ATTENTION: For the ones that requested the story that goes with the petition; STOP Convicting Innocent People as well as those who are interested in the facts. Thank you for supporting my 20 year old son Erin Deon Crawford. He is currently in High Dessert Prison Nevada for a crime he did not commit. Erin was given 2 years for the crime and a 10 year gun enhancement totaling TWELVE YEARS even though he had NO PREVIOUS CRIMINAL RECORD. This crime supposedly happened when he was 16 years old. After he was beat up by Sacramento Sheriff Department and police his telephone was taken from him. My son was convicted solely on his telephone that police had stolen during their attack. The 911 call that was played in trial indicated the suspects were two Hispanic males, 6ft tall and over 200 pounds. Everyone heard this in trial including the Judge. My son was 5 feet 2 inches, 110lbs during this alleged crime. The Judge picked the jury and the Prosecuting attorney as well as the Public Defender allowed this. Every right my son had for a fair trial was violated. Erin has a one year old son and a fiancée being deprived because of this major corruption. They even arrested the real robbers and let them go. Please help by forwarding this petition to your family, friends and co-workers! We had to leave the state and move because of the ongoing corruption, harassment and criminal behavior the government and law enforcement. . I have videos, pictures and complaints filed because of this 10 year severe criminal harassment. This is all a result of advocating for my sons to get a fair education. Mainly to get the A thru G requirements to be able to go to college from the Elk Grove School district in Sacramento County. I have filed complaints with the school district, Internal Affairs, Sacramento Board of Education, Us Department of Justice etc. My son grade point average was 3.8 when he was arrested from school and deprived of his senior activities as well as Graduation etc. He received letters from many Colleges all over and was even about to sign a record deal doing GOD'S work. My heart ache's every time I think of how he's incarcerated and not at home when he is innocent! Erin is in a cage like an animal. Erin 2 year old son Erin Jr. wonders where his father is. Please don't overlook this! Please sign petition and share! Your voice makes a difference

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