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There are so many people not aware of what's going on infront of your eyes. Chemtrails are being sprayed every day over your head in the sky. Our beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds are disappearing . They are replaced with lines and plumes from jets and planes that are filled with toxic harmful chemicals that will take it's toll on the earth and humanity. I watch as they appear each day in my county. They appear all over the world. Only a few are aware of the devastation they will bring. It's imperative that all are aware and be concerned enough to speak out to stop this madness that is happening above our heads and in front of our eyes. Please research what chemtrails are all about before you judge those who give warning. I am not happy to say that I am not alone crying out to those who are not informed of this crime against humanity . We the people need to stand up and speak out for our lives and the lives of the children who will be faced with what's to come of our future!

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