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I remember when I was a child and a neighborhood boy younger than myself captured a cat, put it into an empty barrel, poured gaseline on it covered it wit a heavy grill and dropt in a match. when I went to put the cat out of its misery he threatened me as well. This far more serious than what the turkeys suffer, but I remember feeling absolutely certain that the sense of power Michael received from his evil deed would lead to other probably more serious ones. You see, Michael wanted to impower himself, Meat manufacturers want to become wealthy, the greatest source of power in the world. Michael was probably insane for such a gross act of cruelty. Perhaps it is easier to behave irrationally when your victims are unseen and unheard by you and by victims I mean not only the poor turkeys but those who ingest the harmful chemicals that are part and parcel of the food source. No, no one will die immediately or even necessarily become ill immediately, but overtime hormones, antibiotics cause harm to innocent folks, who have no proof to offer their doctor.


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