Update #15 ·

VICTORY: Zimmerman Banned From Having Guns!

We won!

It's official: No gun rights for Zimmerman.

As part of Zimmerman's bail for battery, aggravated assault and criminal mischief, the the 30-year-old must wear an ankle monitor, give up his guns, not travel outside of Florida and stay away from his (ex)girlfriend, who called 9-1-1 Monday after Zimmerman choked and pointed a shotgun at her.

While Zimmerman's increasingly erratic and violent behavior is the #1 reason for his loss of his own gun rights, our 30,000-person-strong campaign plays an important role in demonstrating public opinion. This campaign, launched on the day of Zimmerman's acquittal, has had media coverage, carried out a petition delivery to Florida governor Rick Scott, and coalitioned with organizations like the Dream Defenders who are calling for passage of 'Trayvon's Law' to end Stand Your Ground laws in Florida. 

This activism --our collective voice-- shapes the dialogue and values in our society that limit the tolerance allowed for behavior like Zimmerman's.

We are an active and visible component of a public outraged at the lack of justice in Trayvon Martin's death. We have stayed loud and resolute for over four months. We have held Florida officials accountable to protect the public and keep guns out of the hands of an unstable and violent individual.

Taking away Zimmerman's gun rights won't bring back Trayvon Martin. 

But it may save another person's life. 


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