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Both of my dogs are rescue dogs. One, the 7 month old Ruby is a happy little girl who was treated with love by all of her carers. My 6 year old Harley was born to a feral dingo. His first brush with humans was when Harley and six siblings were shoved into a hessian bag which was then beaten until the perpetrators were tired of it, and thrown into the Tweed River. The Ranger was called to attend to a dingo bitch trying to pull a bag out of the river. He got there in time to save two of the pups, the others beaten into pulp.

He took the 5 week old pups home with him, gently nursing them back to passable health. I adopted Harley when he was 11 weeks old. His snout was still crunchy and painful, he had lost half of his tongue and had no teeth on the lower right side of his mouth. He was like a Gumby, he'd stay wherever we'd put him. His fear of noises is overwhelming and his fear of people is palpable. The only time I can take him for walks is when it is pitch black. He stalks next to me, his hackles raised and I am constantly saying, "Settle Harley, Settle". His attachment to me and my family is absolute, he has terrible anxiety when left alone. That's one of the reasons for a second dog. His best friend died a few months ago and when he couldn't eat, drink or sleep, we found Ruby, who settles him completely.

We had to buy a crate for him to stay in when we are gone because his anxiety is so strong that he can make our 'dogs room' look like a massacre happened there within an hour. He's okay in the crate, covered with blankets and with sheets to burrow into.

I can't voice what I would like to do to the cretins who touched Harley before he had loving hands. I'd like to return the favour only I am not a person of violence. I believe in Karma and I believe that one day those people will understand their lesson. In the meantime I am going to love this beautiful, elegant animal with all of my heart. In our home he is safe, healthy and loved. We have to stop the violence. My best four legged friend never deserved such cruelty and it has scarred him for life and in doing so, it has scarred us too. I never knew that such cruelty was so close to home and now I work every day to ease the memory.


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