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Pledges for Gubbio: Next Steps!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for your support of The Gubbio Project! I have some information on what the next steps should be after pledging.

First, if you pledged and already donated/volunteered, please share a photo of your donation or a story on the campaign page on causes. We want to hear the story!

If you've pledged but haven't yet donated/volunteered:

- Donating winter supplies: Once you have your items to donate gathered, contact The Gubbio Project: 415.861.5848 / [email protected]. We are open 6am-3pm, M-F. Donation drop-offs would work best during this time. We can set up a time whenever is best for you! If you'd like help deciding what to donate feel free to contact us as well. 

- Volunteering: There are several types of volunteer positions. These include helping homeless guests in the day-shelter by passing out supplies and providing a listening ear (on a regular basis only) or providing a breakfast meal for a group of 35-50 people. If you have interest in exploring volunteer opportunities please contact: [email protected].

We appreciate all the support!

Emma Fenton-Miller

Breakfast Program Coordinator

The Gubbio Project

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