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Cheanelle was born on 11-19-99 @ 11:09 (am) weighing 8lbs 15ozs she was so chubby :)

I'll never forget the first time Francesca tried to say her name it was Frisznelle , we laughed so hard. Cheanelle was such a tough little baby, she took nothing from nobody. you'd tell her no and she'd laugh at you, little I remeber when she first got dignosed with her leukemia and the nurse's telling me she'd get used to everything and I remeber looking @ them like YEAH it took like 7 of them to hold her down to do anything to her, but eventually she did get used to the nurse's and hospital. they did such a great job with her and they spoiled her rotten :) we went there with nothing and left with boxes of toy's. I know you guy's tried everything you could but it's nothing you guy's did wrong, GOD had other plan's for Cheanelle her job was done here and I think after many years of pain and tears I've finally come to accept that she has bigger and better thing's to move on to but because you were all part of her life your forever part of my life and I love you guy's forever, thank You for everything :)

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