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My personal experience with paternal alienation in the assistance my daughters mother had to achieve it.

On march 2011 I got a phone call there was a police car in front of my house with a moving truck and several people, it was my daughters mother. I was not being severed with any papers or had broken any laws. The mother and all the friends had admitted in the presence of the police officer who was not serving any papers and nor have I broken any laws that they had taken my daughter and hid her from me. They would not let me know where the child was not even the officer. The officer said this is a civil matter now and this wasn’t normal procedure.

I call the sheriff the next day asking for help. His instant response with no previous knowledge of the matter was to go into a rant as to how I can not control the mother anymore. He then told me that was not proper procedure of the officer and stated what rights I had to go get my child or file charges but that might not be a good thing to do.

I then called the court clerk office for help who again with no previous knowledge of this case went into a rant as to how I can not control the mother any more. The then explained would should have been proper procedure and how I did have a right to see my child but that could make me look bad. They suggested hiring an attorney.

I hired a reputable attorney and in a hast blindly followed their advice. Ultimately leading to them changing their opinion as to how I should proceed the night before court. They informed me that even though there was not one thing the other side had on me and the laws say best interest of the child. I would be made to look bad on the stand even though I was facing a kidnapping homeless mother who had failed to follow any procedures and was harboring my child from me at multiple address for almost a year.

There is one common thing all four of these people said.
This process was not proper procedure.
I had a legal right to do something but they suggested if I pursued that I would look bad.
and finally she was in control because they all stated I had no control over the mother nor could they help.

I am now stuck with a court order that I agreed to only out of a haste to see my child that know one had informed me of the actual contractual terms 1 hour before a court date which I was told I should fear having to go to. I got a 2 page agreement with handwritten corrections on it only after spending $30k. How could there in this modern time where just everything you sing has a terms at least a 3 page terms agreement a contract as so important to determine a child's life not have a standard terms agreement attached?

What it never explained by signing was
I agreed to everything prior to that agreement and anything previous to this signature could not be brought back to court.
It did not state that this agreement could not be revision without my burden of proof of significant change of circumstances. Nor does it state what those significant circumstances of change are.

What I and my child are left with is a mother who uses all her control to financially and emotionally damage us. I have dreams of being able to pick up or drop off my daughter at daycare, to have the right to watch her or have time with her when the mother can't but instead she is secretively hand off to others to watch her instead of her own biological father. I have never felt anything more painful then this with my child.


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