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"Sir Tim Berners-Lee called on world leaders to “back talk on transparency and accountability with action”

“It is important that efforts to open up data and information are meaningful and lead to real change,” said Sir Tim. “Governments and companies must not shy away from publishing contentious datasets if they contain information that could be used to dramatically improve people's lives.”

The Databases tracking the number of children involved, "face to face contact" with non-resident parents, the gender of non-resident parents; the documentation and statistics relating to child protection; and a myriad of other areas relating to societies capacity to evaluate compliance to the mandate of upholding the UN CRC Remains difficult if not impossible to obtain in many cases. Without this information, public discussion and policy development on behalf of the interests of children is made incapable of assessment through the use of Statistics. Help make them keep the promise - sign and distribute our petition.

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