Update #7 ·

We won which means that 3000 children will win too!

Do you remember the Better Neighbor Fund contest we entered last month? The one where you voted for our Sow It Forward program...most likely several times? Well, guess what: WE WON!

What's more impressive is that we were the smallest of the nonprofits (in terms of our budget and staff) to win one of the 3 grand prizes ($5000) which means that the victory was really made possible by you, our zealous band of likers, voters and sharers. 

Thank you for making this victory possible. We'll use the grant to help increase access to healthy gardens and foods for more people, especially young people.  On that note, I'm delighted to announce that our Sow It Forward grants program is once again open to new applications. You can learn all about the opportunity here: http://kgi.org/grants

Thanks once again for your support. We couldn't have pulled off this underdog victory without you. Don't hesitate to be in touch if you have a question about Sow It Forward.

Best wishes,

Roger Doiron

Kitchen Gardeners International

email:[email protected]  phone:(207)956-0606

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