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Elvis loves and adores his fans always has-always will. I do not understand why people cannot stop causing problems for all the family .If they were true Elvis fans all these years, why can they not let him be in peace. All he wants is to live in peace, be free like we are .Love him for the man he is, what he has accomplished through out his life so far. Let him be with happy with his family now. He still released songs all these years-that should prove his love for his true fans and for Him. Elvis is OUR LIVING LEGEND-KING OF ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER .Please let them and live in peace. Sign the petition to stop this woman from causing problems for the Presleys. God Bless Everyone. I have been reading some comments about this Linda person being right. If you believe that, you are so wrong. Linda should STOP and leave the Presleys in peace. She is NOT a true Elvis fan, and the ones that believe her are NOT true fans either. Don't you think they have been through enough all these years? The lies that have been told by people about Elvis make me very upset. Please leave them all alone-especially Elvis.Linda and co.,you need to resort to name calling.I have a few for you also.I will not stoop to your level.We are in the right-you are all wrong.Proves you don't know anything about Elvis,and you are not and never will be a true Elvis fan.I can only get ready to laugh at all non-believers when Elvis comes out to tell the world everything,and clear his name.There have been so many lies told about him i think it's pathetic for you to talk in that manner.Prove what you say-or stop name calling and stay off the page all together.The goal will be reached without you.Seems that's what you are.ELVIS IS ELVIS AND JESSE IS JESSE-UNDERSTAND THAT PART.Go through all the documentaries.Jesse is alive,and so is Elvis.Resorting to name calling proves anger because you are wrong.THEY ARE BOTH ALIVE AND WELL,AND IN DIFFERENT AREAS.You will all see.This is supposed to be a petition,not a debate about who is right or wrong.Elvis will soon clear the air for everyone.Lets leave this matter alone.This is a petition sight,not debate sight.

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