Ticky Tacka
Ticky Tacka pledged

Laztin America was a very nice place to live and visit. But things have changed and now all there is , is internal wars , genocide, matters of war.
We Latins are not bad people, never really have been. it is not in our nature.
we are Catholics, pray every day, go to Mass on Sundays with our families.
Why are we killing each other? for what? is there really a change for the best.
The regular citizen is still poor, those who were not killed or disappeared in the melee, are still just as poor except that now they have to watch their backs constantly in fear of attack. Please cool of, or we are going to disappear from the face of his Earth. let have peace, fellow Latins , while we fight each other there are some who laugh at us for doing heir dirty work. WAKE UP, we are going to eradicate each other for no good reason. GOD BLESS .

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