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You can now help us from home, become a citizen scientist

You can help us save the leopard!

The African leopard is the last of the 'Big Five' still roaming free in South Africa, but it is a species under threat. Its time is rapidly running out, and we need to work together in order to save it from extinction.

Habitat loss, conflict with humans, and illegal hunting are taking a heavy toll on the leopard population. And to top this off, each year African governments and CITES keep issuing permits which sanction legal leopard hunts. 

All of this while nobody even knows how many, or few, leopards actually remain in the wild.We, Ingwe Leopard Research and WildEarth, together with many others, believe that actual leopard numbers are far lower than CITES believe them to be and we want to stop the issuing of leopard hunting permits. Before it's too late and all the leopards will be gone forever.

To stand any chance of success, we need two things: Accurate data about leopard numbers and public support and awareness. And this is where you come in... You can help us save the leopard!

Wouldn't it be great if you could help leopard researchers create accurate population models that will allow them to properly estimate leopard numbers? Data that can then be used to protect the remaining leopards and stop the issuing of hunting permits.

Wouldn't you like to be an essential part of our efforts to save this species from extinction?

Well, you can! The system we are developing will allow you to do just that! Click below


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