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Korean's Aren't All Evil and there is "Good and Bad" in every race on this planet. We ALL have some form of Animal Cruelty in our own Countries

I Personally think, that Boycotting a Country is Not! the right answer, as it ALSO! Harms the "Good People" who are trying to make a Change Happen to help the Dogs & Cats and End the "Cruelty & Toture " to these Poor animals because of false beliefs!!!
We need to fully support the Koreans activists by signing petitions like this one and sharing them so they will have a stronger voice to their Leaders.
The Countries of " The Dog and Cat Meat Trade" are all fighting the same China --- Vietnam --- Parts of Asia --- Philippines --- Korea
All NEED to join together and Support Each Other's Petitions & Protests!
And the rest of the world can support them as well !
Sue "VoiceforDogsAbroad"


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