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Emergency Preparedness Checklist

After the recent Typhoon Tragedy in the Philippines, I thought it necessary to post this information on  Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Preparedness for everyone.  Always have an emergency plan for your home and business. Discuss with children and other family members, how to respond to major disasters that could occur. Also, one should always have emergency numbers posted near telephones such as for your local Red Cross, local Disaster Management Agency, Environmental Management Agency, Fire Services, Coast Guard, Ambulance, Nearest Hospitals and Health Facilities. Also know where your nearest emergency shelters are located.

Buy and store a good First Aid Kit and also store necessary items like hand sanitizers, non-latex gloves, insect repellent,, sunscreen, medication for headache, cold, flu and fever. Also stock medication for toothache, diarrhoea and upset stomach too. You will need to keep family records (e.g. identification cards, passports, cash, deeds, wills, insurance policies etc) in a waterproof bag or container. Also stock up on items like plastic sheeting, duct tape, canned foodstuff and bottled water (to last at least a week), non-electric can opener, a fire extinguisher, boxes of matches/stove lighters, portable stove, 2 large umbrellas, raincoats for the family, lantern and torchlights with extra batteries, battery-operated radio, few personal hygiene items, infant-care items, few disposable eating utensils, some pet supplies (if you have pets), a large carry bag. Also stock 'sand bags,' if living in flood-prone areas (to prevent flooding and loss of household items).

Also prepare an EMERGENCY CAR KIT with battery-operated radio with extra batteries, sleeping bags or blankets, small First Aid Kit for car, compass and community maps, bottled water, non-perishable high energy foods such as oatmeal cookies, granola bars, raisins and peanut butter. Also booster cables, a small car fire extinguisher, shovel, tyre repair kit and pump and flares. Keep this car kit in your car trunk.


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