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Update about Cherry

   Hello to All Cherry's friend!   

   Hi to All of You who supported Cherry and thanks to which Chery went into a surgery and saved a front leg! Without You it would not be possible ♥ Thank You All! It means a world to this puppy and we are very grateful to you all ♥… 

   As You can remember Cherry was one of three puppies dumped last winter in the middle of nowhere in carton box :/ like many rejected puppies in Serbia she would probably died! But she was the lucky one and to be saved by a girl who have a great heart for the animals, read more about Marijana’s animals


   When she had only 4 and a half months she was hit by a car and her front right leg on several spots! We had a problem to find a Vet who can perform such a complex operation, but we did and Cherry’s operation went well and she recovered well. After two month from that operation she had some kind of lumps in her mouth!? But that surgery went well too and lumps was benign! So she was a lucky one for a third time! 

   I think You’ll agree Cherry went thro a lot of during her short life, now she deserves peace, loving and forever home, which she never had.  

   Cherry needs our help ones more! Please share her story lets help her find home that she deserve! 

    As You can see on pics Cherry is a yang female about 10 months old, very playful, loves to cuddle and sensitive. She is great with small children and with other dogs, middle size dog, long body and born without tail. She is vaccinate against infectious diseases and rabies, sterilized and of course cleansed from internal and external parasites….   

 Thank You All!!!


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