An update about the campaign to

Save Sriracha!

Update #3 ·

Bad news, Sriracha lovers...

Since Oct. 31st, the city of Irwindale has received 36 complaints about the smell of chili and garlic emanating from hot sauce factory - the most recent of which was filed last Monday.Seems like the new "powerful" roof filtration system that Huy Fong Foods has been working to develop is not solving the problem

Meanwhile, the city plans to move forward with the lawsuit it filed and will appear in Superior Court on Nov. 22 for a scheduled preliminary injunction hearing.

Clearly, the company needs to take some additional steps to address the issue, but halting sriracha production - rendering countless hot sauce addicts bereft of this meal staple - is not an option. 

Please invite your friends to help strengthen our call to city officials, asking that they come up with an alternative solution that doesn't involve shuttering the sriracha factory!
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