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Premier Barnett still pushing for development of James Price Point after illegal compulsory aquisition of 3414 hectares of aboriginal land

Recently, the West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has pushed through his Parliament a forced compulsory land aquisition. There has been much debate about the legality and due processes that have allowed the West Australian Government to forcibly take land from traditional owners (sovereign owners). Premier Barnett said he did want the land for possible Browse Basin oil and gas supply bases that resource companies could develop. He is hopeful that companies will want to lease the land. “Then companies using that site will lease the land off the government, but the government will not be building infrastructure for the oil and gas industry.”

Traditional owners and senior law boss Joseph Roe and senior law boss Phillip Roe have always said "NO" to Colin Barnett's gas hub proposal and still say "NO" to Barnett's newest proposals of Browse Basin oil and gas processing and supply bases. The Barnett Government may not be building the second biggest gas plant in the world themselves, they do hope oil and gas industry will.

As we have said before, this will require a massive dredging effort in the heart of the world's largest whale migration corridor and nursery. It will have massive implications for the entire Kimberley and the natural values and proccesses that have created the Kimberley will be affected. The LNG oil and gas industries' ability to mitigate and manage the hazards and risks this type of development proposes to the marine environment historically is not good. Water quality and marine life in Gladstone's LNG port facility has not been good.

Today, once again, Colin Barnett and the West Australian Government refuse to seek sense on this issue and once again through political ill-will place the interest of oil and gas industry well above the interests of Kimberley's natural values and proccesses, the Goolarabooloo traditional owners and Australians' right to have their environment protected. Destroying sacred sites, ancient aboriginal burial grounds, bullying and dividing many indigenous communities and local communities is not only unethical but immoral. In no way can the Barnett Government guarantee the safety of the Kimberley, its biodiversity and uniqueness with such short sighted vision and outright stubborness. Please sign and share this petition and help protect the Kimberley and send the message to Colin Barnett and Tony Abbott that Australians expect our environment to be protected and failures and manipulations of political due processes to achieve an outcome suitable for oil and gas industry is not only unethical, but totally immoral. 

As a personal note I believe Joseph and Phillip Roe's call for an investigation and inquiry into Colin Barnett's government's handling and forced compulsory aquisition should be supported. Read more on Joseph and Phillip Roe's news article


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