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Borinqueneers Salsa Song & 65th Inf Articles/Videos

Greetings Borinqueneers CGM Alliance Members and Contributors,

The following are a couple of links to video clips and articles promoting the 65th Infantry Congressional Gold Medal after the Veteran’s Day weekend.

We want to thank the authors and supporters who contributed to these information media resources. 

1) 65th Infantry-Borinqueneers Salsa Tribute Video Slide Show (Song by Orquesta Narvaez, Many Thanks!!!)


2) National Public Radio (NPR) Interview and Article


3) Fox News Latino OP-ED, CGM Alliance National Chair, Frank Medina, 


4) In case you missed it, Video Interview with Mujer Latina Hoy and National Chair, Frank Medina.


Thank you all for your continued support.

We are at 160 x co-sponsors in the House of Rep. (55% of the required co-sponsors) and 22 x Senators co-sponsors (33% of the required Senate co-sponsors)

Let’s continue our BIG BORINQUENEER BLITZ and keep urging our Congressional officials and US Senators for co-sponsors until mission completion!!!

We have a long way to go until the end of 2014, we cannot stop now!!!

Please continue to share our petition page and circulate this message for widest dissemination across your networks.

En Solidaridad,

Borinqueneers CGM Alliance


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