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From a very young age, I knew that the non-human animals around me had something going on that we humans could not understand. In spite of early teachings at school, I never believed that humans were smarter or more able, just different. I quickly learned that the way some humans respond to different is with brutality. All of my life I have been nurtured by nature and have learned from it: about the true meaning of love, kindness, justice and intelligence. Elephants are among the most beautiful and majestic creatures on earth. Through studying their habits, we know they have their own culture. I admire and respect them and believe that our health depends on their well being.

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Rangers on the Frontlines of Conservation They serve under various titles—rangers, forest guards, eco guard and field enforcement officers—but these men and women on the frontlines of conservation are perhaps the most important protectors of the world's natural and cultural treasures. Rangers work tirelessly to protect some of the world's most endangered species like tigers, elephants and…

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