Update #3 ·

Thank You! We delivered your petitions last week!

In just one month over 28,000 people from across the country signed our Toxic Time is Up petition. Last week, Breast Cancer Action staff and volunteers delivered all of your petition signatures to the office of Senator Barbara Boxer. Senator Boxer is the Chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee tasked with updating our current toxic chemical policy. Because of our Toxic Time is Up campaign, Senator Boxer is not only hearing from industry, she is hearing from people living with and at risk of breast cancer as she considers the future of chemical regulation in the U.S. 

Thank you for taking action and for all of your support!

How you can help

Breast Cancer strikes one in eight women over the course of their lifetime. Unknowingly, we are exposed to harmful chemicals, including known carcinogens, in every-day products such as shampoo, toys and cleaning supplies. Instead of getting to the root causes of cancer, some companies sell pink ribbon products to raise money - and some of these products include hazardous chemicals…

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