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Join the 10-Friend Simon Cowell BDS Challenge

Already 6000 of you put your name to the call to Simon Cowell to rescind his $250,000 donation to Haim Saban’s “Friends of the IDF”.  To celebrate our achievement, we're kicking off the 10-Friend Simon Cowell BDS Challenge. How do you participate? Easy! All you have to do is get 10 friends to sign the petition today!

Just forward the petition to 10 friends on Facebook and Twitter, or email them directly. And by next week, we'll be 60,000! Good luck to us all!

How you can help

Culture is not created in a vaccum. Culture that ignores human rights violations and is used to whitewash war crimes and crimes against humanity, and cultural workers who accept money in this context, are complicit. The many victories of the BDS movement so far have shown us that culture can shine a light on these crimes, instead of muffling the cries of the victims. Please support the…

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To Edmar Castañeda & Gabriel Mirabassi, Yilian Canizares, Andreas Schaerer & Peter Rom & Martin Eberle, Gabriel Grossi, and Renaud Garcia-Fons, We are concerned people from all around the world who oppose Israel's continuing displacement of the Palestinian people via military occupation and apartheid policies [1]. We write to you in order to make sure that you are aware of all the…

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You have 6 days left to sign.

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