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I watched your short video here and know that I cannot send it to the people I know. They will not be able to contain what they'd see. They've shown me clips, but none as unexpurgated as this one. I am crying and I haven't been able to cry for the past 15yrs or so.
I'm not saying, don't show it. People need to see what is really being done to animals, in the name of what! There are always alternatives if what you're doing involves that much pain to a living entity.
To the people who maim and inflict agony for fun, for the hunt, for the skins, for meat, for any other weird reason you've got - we are all entities, with "humans" being, in fact, Plantigrads, which means animals that walk on their hind legs/upright. One day a different kind of animal will get hold of you, because that is what you excude from your soul which will attract them as there are worse animals than humans in this universe.
To the animals: may a white light of protection hold you in limbo while these unspeakable things are being done to you, that will innure you against the pain. Amen
My god, I never knew the extent of this kind of depravity. Where do they recruit people to do this "work"? Psychopaths from a mental asylum? Wife bashers who've run out of women? People who've returned from war with a few screws loose and no other desire than to kill?
The saddest thing of all is that humanity doesn't even know what it is and its lived with itself for how many centuries now?!
Thanx for reading my winge.
Bigger thanks for what you do for animals.

Campaign won!

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