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Philippines Typhoon Haiyan is Ecocide

Dear friends and supporters,

"Typhoon Haiyan influenced by climate change, scientists say". The extremity of this typhoon is due to the heating of the oceans caused by man made CO2 emissions. This is Ecocide. One way to stop this is by legislation at European and United Nations' level. 

If you are a European Citizen we urge you to sign the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) to propose a new law to make Ecocide a crime - click here

Both European and NON European citizens can also sign the international initiative to make Ecocide the 5th crime against peace at the United Nations - click here

Thank you if you have already signed. 
Every voice helps. Together we can take care of our planet. 
Please invite your friends to sign both initiatives.

You can get more involved by emailing [email protected] 
Thank you, Hila

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