Update #5 ·

Awesome progress!

We just passed 2,000 signatures on this petition! Right now, we are determining when and how we will deliver the petition signatures, but until that time we want to keep up the momentum! 

Will you start your own personal campaign to invite others who YOU know to sign this petition? Get started here! 

And then follow these helpful tips below:

1) Make it yours. When you set up your personal campaign, write a personal story of why you care about the issue. Your friends who know you will love hearing your reason. You can also customize the cover photo on your page - what will you put up to represent you? 

2) Follow up! You invited your friends once, but the real power of organizing is in following up! It's great to thank the supporters who already took action by clicking the "message" button next to their name! For those who have yet to take action, send them a personalized reminder by clicking on the small envelope by the name on their profile page! 

3) Check in. Once you've started a personal campaign you might want to check in and see how you're doing, or change your personal story. You can find your page again by going to your Causes profile, and scrolling until you find the banner of the personal campaign you created!

 I want to send a huge thank you to David Spielman, Khaim Cousineau, Will Swagger, James Williams, and Katie Orr for setting up their own personal campaigns and rallying their friends to join the fight!

We will not let David Eckert and the many others who have received forms of police brutality stand alone!

Thank you, and For Liberty!

Eli Zucker

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