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The destruction in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan is almost indescribable. Entire communities have been flattened - reduced to piles of refuse – and many of those who lived through the storm are now struggling to survive its aftermath.

Oxfam teams have fanned out into the hard-hit provinces of Bohol, Northern Cebu, Northern and Eastern Samar, and Leyte to learn where people are in the greatest need and to help launch our response to the emergency.

With sanitation facilities destroyed and water supplies contaminated, survivors are at risk of contracting deadly waterborne diseases like cholera, so Oxfam has prioritized providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies.

Food is another key priority. Oxfam and partners are identifying where it’s feasible to provide cash to survivors so they can purchase what they need most – an approach that has the added benefit of helping revive damaged local markets. In areas where markets are not functioning, we plan to distribute food directly.

Oxfam’s goal in the first phase of the emergency: ensure that 20,000 families (around 100,000 people) have access to food, safe water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene materials and information. We also plan to help families get back on their feet financially through cash-for-work programs and distribution of assets like tools and fishing nets.

In the longer term, we are aiming to reach 500,000 people with critical aid.

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