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Repeal the HC&S Protection Act

Sign the petition to repeal Hawai'i law that protects HC&S from County regulation.

Years ago, Alexander & Baldwin (HC&S parent company) inserted the “HC&S Protection Act” into state law, saying that counties could not regulate cane burning nuisances.

Please go to http://stopcaneburning.org/repeal-the-hcs-protection-act/ and sign the petition to repeal this:

(1) An ordinance shall not be effective to the extent that it is inconsistent with any permit for agricultural burning granted by the department of health under authority of chapter 342B, or to the extent that it prohibits, subjects to fine or injunction, or declares to be a public nuisance any agricultural burning conducted in accordance with such a permit; and

If you are on Maui this Saturday, come to Representative Kaniela Ing's Townhall and ask him to sponsor the bill.  Be really nice.  Rep Ing is the most sympathetic of the Maui legislators but this will mean that he has to go up against A&B and their powerful lobbying arm, the ILWU union.  If he does this for us, we'll have to support him with donations and get-out-the-vote calls because he will be targeted by ILWU.

Kaniela Ing's Pre-sesion Townhall: "What are your concerns for next year? Help me craft my priorities as a community before I enter the 2014 Legislative session."
WHEN: This Saturday 9:00am-10:30am
WHERE: Kihei Charter School on Lipoa St. (near First Hawaiian Bank) 41 East Lipoa Street Suite #29 Kihei, HI 96753

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