It’s likely that you, somebody in your family, or some one you know, have been touched by mental illness. After a long struggle with schizoaffective disorder, my brother Jonathan chose to end his life rather than to live with his often frightening illness. Before he died he made a single request to our family, "Please fund mental health research."

We do so now with the hope that others may not suffer as he did - and we did as a family. In doing so we also continue to fight the paralyzing stigma that causes so many individuals and families to suffer in silence and avoid getting the very help that could enable them to live happier and more productive lives.

Federal funding only goes to established research projects so the most innovative and early stage research must be funded by private donations, which makes endowments like my brother's all the more important.

With brilliant minds applied to the task, there is real hope that we might see great progress and possibly find a cure for mental illness.

What a wonderful legacy. Thanks, Jonathan.

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