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I am a victim and have been by social workers and my ex wife, my children are separated and live with 3 different foster parents. I called local authorities for help and in revenge, social workers and my ex continued to bully me in leaving my family home putting my children at risk with my ex wife and drug takers she allowed in my home when I wasn't there. An allegation was made up prior to the child care hearing and though it wasn't followed through, my ex wife and social workers got their wish to get me removed me from my home just before Christmas and a week before my older daughters' birthday. I cry daily as I have done nothing wrong apart from love and care for my children and because of my children living apart, I only see them 6 hours a year. This is killing me inside, I miss my children and the only contact I have is leaving my children feel sad and lonely. Something needs to be done as it's our children who are suffering.

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