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Imagine Princess Vlei: An Invitation

What would you like for Princess Vlei? A place where people can walk together as a family, or just sit and enjoy magnificent views? A place to learn about our heritage and our environment, and to experience bird and plant life in a thriving ecosystem? A place where children can enjoy scouting, canoeing or sailing, or attend holiday programmes away from games arcades and shopping malls? A place for baptism? For cultural and community events?

Princess Vlei can be all of this and more, but we need your help to create this vision.  What do you value most about Princess Vlei?  What do you find difficult about it? What would you love to see there?

On 30 November, we are holding a workshop to collect and develop ideas for a re-imagined Princess Vlei. We are inviting all interested to come and help us create this vision.

Please confirm by  20
November if you would like to  attend.If you have any queries, please contact us.

Please  complete our survey even if you cannot make the workshop.

Venue: At Princess Vlei
Date: 30 November
Time: 9.30 am to 1pm

  • A huge thanks to all of you for your support - only 34 more signatures needed!
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