Debra Sawyer
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There are people out there who like to kill things. There are people out there that like to see a creature wraith in pain as they die by their hand, their bullet. These people are cowards and are dangerous to wildlife. They are not hunters in any honorable sense of the word. Their hatred of life is evident in the pleasure they get from maiming and killing. What is the motivation? I believe this behavior is as bad as any hate crime against humanity. It is a hate crime against life. As some of us try to honor life and work to protect its balance and fragility. Others are out to destroy it out of ignorance and hatred. How do we stop it? We stop it as parents, counselors, mentors, teachers, holy men and women. We teach reverence for life. We stop it with strong social opinions in majority. And we stop it with laws. Join me in putting on the public pressure to this atrocity of human behavior toward animals and wildlife.


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