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Liz Madden
Liz Madden campaign leader

Shopping for Dolls *Trigger
Each year, hundreds of thousands of parents will shop online for their children’s Christmas presents. This year, one parent came across a disturbing image for while searching for a doll for her daughter. She contacted Cork Feminista not knowing what to do. We decided to write this article to highlight the worryingly, increasing demand for sex dolls online.
‘cheap beautiful young girl sex doll for men sexy love’.|3133468640.
What you see in the above images is something that is sold and described as a sex doll.
The images resemble a young girl with the body shape and size reflecting that of a child no older than the age of seven or eight. One image shows her crying, we must assume she is in pain. She is wearing underwear that is generally sold in the children’s department of clothing stores. Strategically placed, another image shows her wearing a flower print nightdress with her legs opened and the vagina area exposed, a pair of strawberry printed underwear purposefully located alongside her legs. The camera lens captures her positioned vulnerably and tactically in all six images.
We ask, how can such a doll be sold? How can a person legally and officially sell this doll? Furthermore, we found an article where Shin Takagi the owner of Trottla (the Japanese company that produces and sells child-sized, life-like dolls) was interviewed by Chloe Cross of VICE .
Chloe Cross asks the questions that press on the minds of everyone that see’s these disturbing images. As one could imagine, each response from Shin Takagi was more disturbing than the last. After reading the answers of Shin Takagi, I decided to read the comments section. This is where I discovered the severity of the issue of child-like sex dolls. One commenter said ‘’ At least people in japan have no excuse to rape children anymore. This kinda thing is shocking to most Americans because of how sexually liberated Japan is. Violence in America is as Sex to Japan.’’ Was this commentator suggesting that having sex with a child-like doll is sexually liberating? Or that it prevents rapes and ‘cures’ rapists? I have yet to know of any cases where psychiatrists, doctors and professionals who work regularly with rapists and paedophiles have suggested that a child-like doll is in anyway a solution to their problem. Most worryingly, this comment received thirteen likes.
We are left in shock and dismay at the images that have been presented to us, the attitudes of the sellers and most importantly the comments from the general public. We must not and cannot allow child-like sex dolls become a normalised part of the sex industry. Please sign our campaign to stop the sale of child-sized, life-like sex dolls.

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