64 Countries have banned GMO's... 828 Scientists signed a Petition against GMO's and sent it to Leaders world wide back in 2000 (www.i-sis.org.uk/list.php) and they were totally ignored... thousands of farmers commited suicide in India because they couldn't afford the cost of seed and pesticide replacement every year... were left with Super Weeds and Sterile Cattle. The Crops Monsanto Seed produces, changes our DNA, creates abnormal cells, promotes disease. Our FDA was created to protect us from Corporations like Monsanto, requiring Research of Proof. Today the Proof comes from crooked Corporations NOT the Non-subserviant Scientists in the Know! It IS my Constitutional Right to be able to CHOOSE what I eat, but without an exact label of ingredients, I am forced to be a Monsanto Lab Rat! A Poll was taken, 90+ % voted FOR LABELS, yet it is still NOT on my Ballot? Manipulation IS running rampant, pockets are being filled with Donations, words are Lies being spread like maneure... SAY NO TO GMO's!

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