Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy campaign leader

I have a dream of people all around the world uniting in prayer as we stand at the foot of the Cross of Jesus each and every day at the time Jesus died for us, 3pm, in memory of the greatest love the world has ever known and will ever know…the love of God! I know that God will melt our hearts as we contemplate His Passion and that our lives will be renewed each day as we remember how much He suffered to save us. I want every day to be Remembrance Day and I want 3pm to be a sacred time for each and every believing Christian where we bow our heads to thank Jesus for loving us so much that He would die for us.

I have started this cause https://www.causes.com/jesusmercy to encourage people to join the circle of love that prays together at the time our Saviour died for us. Would you like to help promote this?

If yes here’s what you can do: share the link and ask people to click on it and then click ‘join’. I believe in this so much because Jesus has changed my life by allowing me to enter into His sorrowful Passion and I do this every day. By doing this each and every day, if only for a moment, we are reminded of the great price of our sins and we renew our commitment to Jesus to love as He asked us to love, to forgive as He asked us to forgive, to serve as He asked us to serve…and we never forget how much He loves us!

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