Edis Shekaxhi
Edis Shekaxhi campaign leader

We believe one book can change one person's life.

The idea is very simple. You read the book, you liked the book, and you want someone else to feel the same way you did. There are so many people in Kosovo that would love to read those books - they would love to share your knowledge and excitement, but have no opportunity.

You can help us by purchasing your favorite books, or donating books you have read previously.

Send your favorite book: send your love to Kosovo.


We are seeking to stock the Kosovo Public Library with a variety of great literature, as the library is very under-funded and under-stocked. Feel free to bring as many books as you like - if they are used, we only ask that you provide books in fair condition or better.

We will be doing this event every Sunday, beginning November 10th, through the end of December. There will be a bin set up on the patio of Buzzard Beach where you may bring your books.

For more information, please contact:

Edis Shekagji
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +1 (816) 718-5194

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