Update #12 ·


A little over a year ago I began a campaign to have the Medal of Honor awarded to a Vietnam Veteran that he was nominated for by General George Simler in July 1965, which he never received due to papers being lost. In September, Senator Bernard Sanders instructed me to present the issue to Senator and Chairman of the Armed Services, Carl Levin. Since then, I have gathered portions of the Veteran's military record, photographs, and other supporting documents and will be submitted the information to Chairman Levin. On this Veteran's Day I ask each of you to please take time to visit the Causes Page and sign the petition as I will download all signatures tonight to send them in with the letter. It will only take a few minutes of your time ... if you have already signed it, please share the link on your page and ask friends and family to help in this effort .. excerpts from the nomination are on the petition for all to read ... Thank you!

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