Ever since the Declaration on 2 November 1917 by British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour promising Zionists a homeland in Palestine for Jews regardless of their national origin, the indigenous Palestinians have endured ongoing violation of their basic human rights. There are over 11 million Palestinians today with 7.2 million living in forced exile from their homes and lands, and the remainder living under a brutal Zionist/Israeli occupation, many internally displaced in their own homeland. This is the legacy of Britain’s colonial rule of Palestine.

Not only is it time for Britain to apologize for the human rights abuse suffered by Palestinians while under British Mandate administration, but there needs to be an admission, reversal and reparations for this original sin which brought untold misery through nearly a century of ethnic cleansing, ongoing human rights abuse, and brutal occupation.

Please read carefully, sign and invite your friends and contacts to sign this petition addressed to British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron. The text of the petition was written initially as a manifesto by the Palestine Land Society.

Thank you!

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