Frey Faust
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It is obvious to me that GMO's are not about feeding people, but about consolidating control over food resources. Even if there were no health concerns, the notion that our food could be monopolized by a mega-corporation which has its shareholder price and profit margin in mind, should make us stoically opposed to any further encroachment. Monsanto and the like should have had their charter canceled for crimes against humanity a long time ago... Agent orange should have their last tour! Can you imagine all the suffering this company has caused without apparent remorse? Their lack of moral integrity is flagrant and continues to be so, as they project misinformation and lies, destroy witnesses and evidence in their obsessive drive for the control of this planet. Everyone is involved... And that's the thing I find hard to understand... The people who work at Monsanto stand to lose as much as anyone else. They should be the first to be cautious, and to respect the cautious scepticism of the public, instead of literally ramming their products down our throats by buying off their representatives.


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