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I have 2 mini American Eskimo dogs, Lexie is now around 8 yrs. old, she was pulled from the pound within a hour or 2, before she was supposed to be euthanized by a local group called C.A.R.E. back in 12/2005, she was a healthy 1 yr. old puppy, her only problem was she was emaciated, from being on the streets. We adopted her from their their no kill shelter, about a week or 2 after they got her. She was well mannered, loving, housebroken & easily sailed through all 3 levels of her obedience training & graduated. She has been AWESOME to have with us, she is so gentle & very empathetic when someone is sad, due to bad news, she just will take no for an answer & comes & snuggles & licks the tears away. If you are sick she will climb in bed & snuggle only leaving your side to go out & go potty & to eat. She knows how to make you feel better.

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