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Read, Think, and Question!

Zaven Ohannessian created a brilliant image! It's becoming pretty obvious that those "Official admins", claiming to be the only right interpreters and right-owners of TVP - drasticly misunderstand themselves the teaching of the greatest man ever lived for today,  Jacque Fresco, and should not only read his books more often, but also be not afraid to question their understandings and give up power. What is more, performimg global changes The Venus Project proposes - requires everyone to lose control on the system, to let self-organisation, completelly to surrender one's ego in order of collaboration. Real life begans after death of ego. Fresco achived a lot because strived to consider as many interdependences in world as possible, stood on sholders of guiants, previous generations, and gives links to them. JF understands tha there are no "you" thoughts - everything comes from environment & is part of it.
I don't want you to trust me, I want you to QUESTION everything I say (c) JF
If you put memorial for me, that will hold progress back. Nothing is static, any system can be improved. Children brought up in new environment can design cities, that mine will look childish near them. (c) JF
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