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Please take the time to read the following messages. You can really help out Israel by doing simple things such as those listed below:

Dear all, please join our efforts and spread these links to as many people as possible.
A blog showing what Hamas is all about:
A website that shows how Israel is being mistreated in the world press:
A blog showing Israel's' efforts for peace throughout the years:
Our official website that tells you how you can help
Many thanks and good luck to us all,
Help us win, Israel.
-Efrat Oppenheimer

Right now in Gaza, there are soldiers fighting for Israel's right to exist. We are urgently raising money to send packages to IDF soldiers, which contain much appreciated thermal clothing and also helps with morale. All goods are bought from Israeli producers.

This is supported by the "Zionist Federation" of Great Britain and people can donate online at the website below.

The packages cost 90 shekels (£15/$23). Help us thank those who put their life on the line - if you wish to donate more, please feel free.

ZF's website:

Many Thanks
-James Brick

I'm the director of the educational organization Connections Israel.

We do many educational projects regarding the IDF in over 300 schools and communities around the world.

We will be delivering letters and gift baskets to soldiers on the front line. Please see:

- Adi Friedman

I am the co founder of a new start up venture . I would like to donate $10.00 of every sunglass sale on our web site when some one enters in the promo code : IDF or ISRAEL at the end of the check out process. Plus we will give everyone an extra $20.00 off of their sunglass purchase. This promotion will last a total of 30 days

Thank you,
Daniel Babajoni

Thank you to everyone that contributed, and i hope that if this continues i will be able to include many more sections. With Israel we stand!

- Sarah Abramow

Campaign closed

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