Update #2 ·

Help Cat Shelter Felix Raise Funds for Vet Bills

As if we don’t have enough problems already while trying to get the shelter ready for winter and struggling to raise much needed funds to purchase the first tank of gas for central heating as soon as possible, we’ve been dealing with dozens of sick cats for months now! There must be some extremely fast acting virus making the rounds through the shelter and the weakest and most delicate kitties were the first to come down sick, but now even the strong, adult cats are getting ill. Everyday visits to the vet have become the norm already, vet bills keep piling up and the end is nowhere in sight. 

It’s not a unique occurrence though, that viruses/infections spread easily and very rapidly through animal shelters, no matter how hard the owners and caretakers try to quarantine and isolate all of the sick kitties and to boost the immune systems of those who are still healthy. Things are even worse when it comes to animal sanctuaries, such as Cat Shelter Felix – among all of the kitties that are provided with a lifelong care and a forever home here, there are many very elderly ones, chronically ill or disabled kitties and particularly delicate youngsters, which are, logically, the most susceptible to various infectious diseases. The good news is that some of the cats who had gotten sick first have recovered nicely but the bad news is that new kitties just keep coming down ill. 

Please, help us! We’ve been struggling with these unexpected problems for far too long and now, with winter rapidly approaching, we must try and do everything we can to enable even the most delicate and the oldest kitties to make it through the cold months ahead. All of the kitties must be as strong and healthy as possible to be able to face the cold weather without consequences! Every donation counts! 

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