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Nature’s Food Patch. Leading the Way

Laurie Shamone-Powers, the owner of Nature’s Food Patch Market and Café, has been living and breathing organics and non-GMO for 15 years. As one of our readers who nominated the Clearwater, Fla.-based market for our Top Right to Know Grocer’s award said, Nature’s Food Patch is “one of the most ethical stores” around.

One of the earliest crusaders against GMOs, Laurie stepped up her commitment to taking on GMOs in 2012, when she hired a full-time GMO researcher. The new-hire was tasked with sifting through the store’s entire inventory and identifying all products that contained GMOs.

Today that researcher, Patience Melton, works closely with suppliers, screening all products for any ingredients that might contain GMOs. She encourages manufacturers to remove suspect ingredients from all products that aren’t already GMO-free. When all else fails, Patience recruits customers to bombard companies’ social media networks with GMO-free messages.

Nature’s Food Patch is no stranger to awards. The company has received a number of popular local awards, including the local Chamber of Commerce 2012 Business of the year. Hats off to one of OCA’s Top “Diligent Dozen” Right to Know Grocers!

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