Update #38 ·

We’re Ready. Are You?

One year ago, we were consoling each other over the loss of California’s GMO labeling initiative. But we were also marveling at how close we had come to winning. How much larger and stronger the movement had grown.

How much we had accomplished. Together.

Today, while we wait for the final results of Tuesday’s election in Washington State, we’re ready.

We’re ready to build on our success, if it turns out that we won. But if we didn’t, we’re ready to dust ourselves off and move on to the next battle.

And there are many. Once we win the basic right to labels on foods containing GMOs—and we will—we have to get GMOs out of animal feed. We have to ban the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in animals raised for meat.

We have to take on Big Ag and Big Food. In a Big Way. And as we all know by now, that means taking on Big Money and Big Government. 

We’re ready. Are you?

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