Raeman Haines
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Our Constitution was designed and created to allow we , the people to control the government , not the other way around as many leaders seem to think . " A well armed and regulated militia was not just a term applied to the 18th century , it was for all time . Fire arms technology may have changed but the 2nd amendment has not . "Shall Not Be Infringed" is the key clause here . By attempting to take law abiding and peaceful citizens firearms away , leftist and misguided lawmakers are not only making common citizens prey for the lawless , but also violating the CONSTITUTION they have sworn to up hold . This is TREASON in any words and all lawmakers should be held accountable for their actions . Yes criminals have guns , they do not follow laws , they want us disarmed as do our enemies. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto spoke the true words when he said that an invasion of America would find an armed American behind every blade of grass . America has remained strong and free because of the 2nd amendment for 237 years . Lets keep Her Free and Strong .

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