Save Romania Street Dogs
Save Romania Street Dogs campaign leader

MARINA is one of the hundreds of dogs from ROLDA private shelters.
It is said that dog is man’s best friend. But what if there is no human in a dog’ life?
The dog acts more like a wild animal, suffering alone, in silence.
As a result, dogs like MARINA need to be included in a rehabilitation program which can take weeks or months. It is our goal to transform each ex-street dog into a safe pet.
MARINA needs better food, veterinary regular care, daily exercises. You can buy MARINA all these by choosing a Sponsor Package. Your choice will make MARINA very happy. Ignoring others suffering is easy. But ignorance is not a solution. There are 2.5 million strays in Romania. It is a fact we can’t save them all. But it is also a fact that a person like you can make a dog like MARINA happy with a click.

You can adopt MARINA, sponsor her at distance or make her a Christmas/winter gift.

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