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TX Crew Team Update from TCF- Part 1

New Beginnings in 2013   

With the start of the Fall 2013 training season brought a lot of new beginnings for the team.  A new Head Coach, Peter Rosberg, with a nearly completely new coaching staff (read their bios here: http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/txcrew/roster.php), a new home, and fresh goals for rebuilding the team.   With the loss of the beloved warehouse in 2012 and dividing the crew between both the Waller Creek Boathouse and the Texas Rowing Center, the team has found a more permanent home at TRC (located at MoPac and Cesar Chavez).    

Negotiations with TRC landed the team here in August, providing rack space for the fleet and a location for the trailer on site.  Some boats were temporarily stored on the trailer for a few weeks until the new racks arrived, however, now the entire fleet has a home and the team can all practice at one facility, increasing team awareness and morale.  The ergs were also moved to a temporary space just outside of the TRC boathouse, sheltered by a temporary tent along with the TRC ergs.  The Texas Rowing Center has a more permanent housing plan that includes doubling the size of the larger boathouse, which would then house the fleet indoors.  

The returning varsity saw a total of 13 men, 5 women and 3 coxswains.  The first few weeks, the team focused on aligning goals with the new coaching staff and recruiting a new class of novices.  Coach Rosberg’s main goals for the season are to start simple with getting all returning varsity on the same page, doing the same training and building fitness together to put the team in a place to start making performance goals in the spring.   

The recruiting efforts of the returning varsity members brought in roughly 70 to fall orientation. With half making through the trial period and now 2 eights of novice men and 5 novice women found their way through their first fall racing season.    

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