Update #37 ·

Gaining Ground

The votes are still being counted in Washington State. And although our opponents are still ahead, the YES on 522 campaign to label GMOs gained a little ground yesterday.

But the ground we gained in Washington, in the form of votes, is nothing compared with the ground—in the form of soil and farms and fields—we plan to take back from Monsanto in the months and years ahead.

This battle, win or lose in Washington State, has just begun.

Our opponents filled the Washington State airwaves these past few months with the same lies they used last year, to defeat GMO labeling in California. They even broke campaign finance laws in order to shield the big-name junk food corporations who didn’t want us to know they were funding those lies again.

But of all the lies and illegal maneuverings, the worst one, the most dangerous lie, perpetrated by Monsanto and the junk food industry was this: GMOs are safe.

In their haste to claim victory yesterday, the Grocery Manufacturers Association released a statement, which included this egregious lie:

“Genetically modified food ingredients (GMOs) are safe, good for the environment, reduce the cost of food and help feed a growing global population of seven billion.”

As long as the food companies are under Monsanto’s spell, as long as there are uninformed people who buy into the propaganda, we have our work cut out for us.

Labeling GMOs is only the beginning.

Watch out, Monsanto. We have plans. And those plans include taking back our seeds, our food, our farms, our rights. Our health. We will keep gaining ground. Until we reclaim it for the people.


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