Zaila Zin Lucky-Osborne
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Ban the sport for good. It's well known worldwide of it CRUELTIES and a SLAUGHTERING of Bulls and Horses which the Rider used for the so call sport. The Horse and Bull are the victim's here. A picture posted on showing a Bull horn penetrated the Horse stomach and the animal's doesn't have the chance of surviving at all! It should be STOP and BAN permanently!!! Spain is becoming an embarrassment because its government refuses to stamp out such primitive shows of gratuitous cruelty.

Shame on the SPANISH GOVERNMENT and SPANISH ROYALTY for being too COWARDLY to BAN these atrocities against defenseless animals. Boycott all Spanish goods and tourism until those in power realize WE WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE their so called a HIDEOUS "CULTURE", nothing more than brainless torture of the innocents. Please help by signing the Petition.

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