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All are Welcome: Mini-interviews

We asked a number of people within The Gubbio Project the same four questions. People, housed or unhoused, come into St. Boniface for wide range of reasons, whether that be for rest, for community, for worship, to use the bathroom etc. From these answers one can just begin to get a sense of the diversity within Gubbio/St Boniface space. Each day an average of 90 guests sleep in our pews while 75 more enter seeking a particular service (such as bathrooms, hygiene kits, haircuts, massage etc.).

1. How long have you been coming to this location?
- “I’ve never been here before”
- “2 years”
- “3.5 years”
- “5 years”
- “2.5 decades, on and off”
- “Since my baptism in 1970”
- “50 years”

2. Why do you come here?
- “For fulfillment”
- “Because I need to rest. It makes me healthy and people look after me.”
- “I love the parish and the friars.”
- “Because the government ripped me off”
- “For peace and quiet”
- “To pray, to sleep, to clean the pews”
- “Why not?”
- “Somebody should come watch over other people’s children”

3. What do you do while you are here?
- “I work and interact with people”
- “I sleep until closing. I pray here. I go to mass.”
- “I used to just pray but now I do a few other tasks.”
- “Sleep”
- “Come in and wait for lunch”
- “I listen”
- “I stand and watch and pray”

4. What is one interesting thing about you?
- “I’m alive”
- “I’m 84 years old”
- “I love helping people”
- “God gave me a good gift of singing”
- “I don’t like cops”
- “I have a great sense of humor”
- “I like motorcycles”
- “I don’t care to say”

Come see the project for yourself!
Visit Monday-Friday, 6am-3pm at St. Boniface Church: 133 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA

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